Game overview

Meteroids is an higly addictive and FREE shooting game with a brand new concept, from Pixilabs Software.

  • Ultra addictive and brand new!

    Launch your rockets at the right moment during their rotation to destroy asteroids and protect your planets. Get points for each asteroid you destroy!
  • So much fun!

    Shoot UFOs to get super powerful special powers that will help you beat the best scores! Put together a flawless shot series to multiply your points! Recover the gems to earn extra lives!
  • Enter the worldwide competition!

    Face other players throughout the world and pull yourself to the top of the ranking integrated to the game (iOS & Android)!
  • Free with no advertising!

    Log in on Facebook to share your best scores with your friends and unlock all the game packs (iOS & Android)!
  • Hours over hours of play!

    12 incredible levels in 4 gaming universes, 10 special power-ups, super asteroids, moving planets, etc. And so much more to come!

Very simple at first, the game gradually speeds up to offer a real challenge to all players who enjoy beating records!

Contact the team

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any comment about the game or if you need technical support, by using the form available on the Pixilabs Software website.